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Become a Research Assistant

BEAD Lab is currently accepting applications for research assistants for Summer/Fall 2023

What can you gain from joining our lab?

By joining our lab, you will learn about mental health in youth, determinants and factors that contribute to mental health problems as well as resilience in youth. We use different scientific methods such as behavioral methods, clinical interviewing, and neuroimaging. You will gain valuable skills such as working with a team and engaging the community. Some students may pursue independent research through a senior honors research thesis.

What are qualities of a good BEAD lab research assistant?

Qualities and qualifications valued in research assistants include, but are not limited to: eagerness to learn; proactive work ethic; ability to work well independently and as part of team; time management; professional communication; enthusiasm for contributing to scientific research; academic excellence (overall GPA 3.0 or higher); and strong interpersonal skills. 

Undergraduate and volunteer research assistants must commit at least 9 hours per week for at least two terms (fall, spring, summer). Student RAs can enroll in PSY 479 to earn credit for their work in lab.

How can you apply?

To apply, please email and include your resume/CV and unofficial transcript. If accepted into the lab, students must register for PSYC479 in order to earn credits. For more information on how to register for PSYC479, please view this pdf. To fill out the application, please visit this link

Prior to beginning any work in the lab, all students must complete CITI training. For more information, please view the CITI Training Completion Guide

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